About Us and Why We Are Here

All of us here share in one main desire; to bring forth the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. As a result we established Place of Victory Ministries, to give people easy access to the exciting and profound revelations held in the many different versions of Scripture.

Due to our ongoing passion for discovering new revelation through scripture, we began to see a great need to help others connect with the many different versions we kept stumbling upon. As a result, available to you here is the complete collection of every English Bible Translation ever written, in one place! This includes everything from Wycliffe's 1382 transcript and the original King James Version, to today's more modern versions.

Incredibly this now stands at nearly 1000 unique English Translations. Using our library you can also read over 700 different versions right now. Spending over five years and thousands of hours given to this joyful project, we have fulfilled our hope of giving God's people instant access to the greater riches of God's Word.

We have also built up a vast physical, personal collection of Bible Translations.

Our name

'Place of Victory' comes from revelation that God has seated us with Himself through Jesus (Ephesians 2:4-6). Therefore we are now citizens of Heaven (Ephesians 2:19-22). It is from this place that we have complete victory. Thanks to Christ's death, burial and resurrection, our perspective is now from that place (John 17:14-17).

Special Thanks

This website would not have been possible without the generous help and encouragement from our friends.

Our special thanks goes out to Simon, Chris, Zac & Kristien. Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance in making this dream a reality! We will be forever grateful.


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