Policy and Procedures


Membership to Place of Victory Ministries is limited to one person, or a couple living in the same household. If a person has been found to be sharing their membership with others, prompt cancellation of their membership, without reimbursement, may apply. The use of membership is monitored by software within this website.


These forums are not the place to promote any 'King James Only' views. There are other more appropriate forums, places and avenues to do so. Hence, such action on these forums will not be endured. Access to most of the forum is free and available to everyone, however access to the 'Members Only' content is only granted after buying a membership. Although the administrators and moderators of bible-translations.com will attempt to keep all distasteful material off of these forums, we do not preview all material, posts and topics. All material expresses the views of the author. Therefore neither the owners of bible-translations.com or forum moderators will be held responsible for the content of any material, post, topic or message.

If you find anything you consider harmful, you can either bring the post to our attention by clicking the "Report" button above the post, contact us by email, or send one of our moderators or administrators a PM (Private Message) and we will try to accommodate requests as a matter of courtesy.

Forum Moderators

Forum moderators are to allow freedom of speech within the forum rules.

Rules New Members Must Abide By In All Forums

    Be polite
    Policy and Procedures
  1. Firstly, be polite and courteous of others and respectful of their views. Please remember you are talking with real people.
  2. Respect others beliefs
  3. Do not attack others views or beliefs. We have not limited these forums to Christians only. Moderators will not tolerate any personal attacks, swearing or slander against other people/people groups. Personal threats toward another member with violence, including via PM’s (Private Messages), will be treated very seriously. Joking of this nature may also be seen as a serious threat.
  4. Refrain from personal attacks
  5. There will be disagreements from time to time, but do not resort to personal attacks and name-calling. Moderators will not only be concerned with who started an attack; they will also view the retaliator as equally guilty if they engage in any retaliations. Send a notification recording any offensive messages/post(s) to one of the forum moderators instead of retaliating. To report a post to a moderator, use the "Report" button above the post.
  6. Choose good user names, avatars and images
  7. It is not okay to create a user name, use an avatar, or link to images that are rude/vulgar/sexually explicit, or create a user name with the purpose of acting like, or offending a current/former user.
  8. No cyber stalking
  9. Cyber stalking is really unnecessary and annoying to people who receive this treatment. Firstly, bible-translations.com exists to be a blessing to people. Following people around and posting negative material on every topic they start or every response they post is unpleasant. Continual warnings for these behaviours may also result in a cancelled membership.
  10. Chose your words carefully
  11. Do not use racist/sexist word(s) in posts/topics.
  12. No ads
  13. Posting unsolicited commercial advertisements will result in warnings or cancelling of membership. Contact us if you have an important announcement to make. We might show it elsewhere on the website if we feel it is important to share.
  14. No spam
  15. Even if it is non-commercial, we consider it spam when starting the same topic across different forums. Do not post unrelated discussions, and keep your posts on the subject of the topic. If there is a new subject you want to cover, search for a topic in progress on that subject, or start a new one. Do not re-engage topics that are old just to prove someone's prophecy/prediction was wrong or your own one was right. Start a new topic and add a link to the old one and do it with respect. Don't keep creating new topics on an existing issue.
  16. Keep it legal
  17. Posting any form of illegal activity is unacceptable. No hacks, torrents, file swapping info or material of that nature (including links to unauthorised copyright material).
  18. Don't repeat yourself
  19. Posting duplicate messages in posts is unnecessary.
  20. Reference your posts
  21. Please keep posts referenced. If you post an article/s from another site, you must give due recognition to the source including a link if possible. Keep the posting to headline; link; excerpt up to a paragraph; link. We do no permit posting of articles without considered comment (i.e. posting every article from a particular publication). We prohibit and consider spam when posting just a link to your own material on another forum. Post the content and a link to your own page at the end.
  22. Keep it clean
  23. The site forbids any explicit/vulgar talk of sex/sexual acts.
  24. Thou shalt not lie
  25. Keep your posts truthful as you are responsible for any material you post.
  26. Be succinct
  27. As all replies are responding to the previous post, don't quote a long post for a very short reply. Address your post to a specific user name if you need to make it clear who you're responding to, or simply quote the line or two you're responding to.
  28. Keep calm
  29. Finally, if you get a warning or a suspension don't lose your cool. This will only make things worse for you. The moderator/administrator might hear you if make your case clearly and also respectfully.

  • Please note that Place of Victory Ministries management/administration also reserves the right to change or delete any post, member name, signature file, pictures or related content in the forums at any time, without notification.
  • We will not only ban a user for breaking the rules, but will also ban any new user accounts created. If a person repeatedly tries to create memberships, there may be further action taken. Masking or altering your IP is obvious so don't waste your time trying it. Furthermore, contact the moderators/administrator for reviews of infractions and bans.

Not following these rules will result in warnings. However, if this continues, we will cancel your membership without receipt of reimbursement. Finally, these rules are subject to change without notice. Please check this page on a regular basis for changes, additions and deletions. By posting on our forums, you agree to the above, and declare that you are over the age of 13.
Last updated: 17th of May, 2017.