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Hear the Voice of God speak clearly to you through the many different English Translations of the Scriptures

For the first time ever you can now have instant access to the most exhaustive library of Bible Translations on the planet – all in one place. This includes almost 1000 unique English Bible Translations, which we continually update with each new edition that we find. The life’s work of centuries of Translators, and thousands of dollars of scarce and rarely tapped masterpieces have been organised into one convenient place for you.

*Although there are many thousands of different English Bible editions available, most are a remarketing of an existing text.

The nearly 1000 different English versions we present are unique Translations by different translators at different times. Each reveal different facets of the eternal Word of God! Thousands of hours of work gives you links to what we feel is the ‘best and most readable’ copies of each bible version. We will continue to update and expand this amazing resource to bring the Bible back to the heart of people’s lives, knowing what an enduring change it has made in ours.

The loving hours I spent finding the best version of each Translation has been truly worth it. Immersing myself in the different versions of God’s Word has opened up new life changing revelations and mind blowing aspects of the nature of God, and His mighty plan of Salvation. I know the Bible Translation Library will continue to be a great blessing to you and help deepen your relationship with The Saviour, Jesus Christ.”
Ben Taylor

What is included in my membership?

This website gives you:

  • Links to read over 700 unique Translations that are available now online.
    Over 350 of these you can read or download on an archived book setup
    Membership Bible Translation
    (like a ‘Ye Olde’ eBook format). Also included are links to almost 100 Google books/eBooks, links to nearly 100 downloadable versions, and links to buy almost 300 other versions.
  • Rare translations, insights and their background.
  • Teachings on difficult and uncertain passages in the Bible through using different versions.
  • Full access to the online forum where you can discuss your passion of the Bible.

What do I need to do?

Your only requirement is a one-off payment of $27 AUD, giving you access to the complete Bible Translation Library - forever.

The only collection you will find with every English Bible Translation ever written.