Why Use Different Bible Translations and Bible Versions?

Bible Versions and Translations have changed lives, countries, continents and history. Each one inspired by God for its time, bringing His new light of revelation to humanity, as shining light to reveal a different facet of a diamond.

Bible Versions Bible Translations

Bible Translations are so valuable in gaining greater clarification and understanding of God’s Word.

Unfortunately, there is not one perfect English translation, with each having their own strengths and faults.

The only truly accurate Bible are the collection of Scriptures written in their original manuscripts, for the people in the culture of that day.

Now it is the Holy Spirit that reveals God's Truth to us, which we can continually delve into, through the many versions of Scripture. As Jesus said of the Spirit in John 16:13 'He will guide you into all truth' [NKJV].

I love the King James Version and use it extensively in my studies and daily reading. While reading the original 1611 King James preface, I learnt that not only are other translations most beneficial, but actually encouraged from the King James translators themselves!
Using different Translations gives us true appreciation of the many subtle shades of meaning of the original texts."
Ben Taylor

Start discovering with different Bible Translations and Bible Versions

In the following demonstration the King James Version is shown first in bold and is followed by those translations that differ significantly from it.

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God,

Study to present thyself before God, perfectly – [JMNT]
Do your best to please God – [ILCE]
. . . come before God as one whom He approves [Beck]
. . . be the kind of person God will accept, and give yourself to him – [ERV]
. . . win God's approval – [CEV]
. . . win full approval in God’s sight – [TEV]
Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved (tested by trial) – [Amp]
Earnestly endeavor to present thyself . . . – [ABUV]
Earnestly seek to commend yourself to God – [Wey]
Work hard so God can say to you, “Well done.” – [TLB]
Try hard to show yourself worthy of God’s approval – [NEB]
Aim first at winning . . . – [Knox]
Let it be your care to get the approval of God – [Bas]
Be diligent to present thyself unto God as one proved trustworthy by trial – [Con]
Do all you can to present yourself in front of God as a man who has come through his trials – [Jerus]
Concentrate on doing your best for God – [MSG]
Make every effort to give yourself to God as the kind of person he will accept – [NCV]
. . . as a man who is fully genuine [Voice]
Bend your every effort to present yourself to God – [WET]

a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,

. . . with no reason to be ashamed – [TCNT]
. . . who doesn’t have to feel ashamed – [Beck]
. . . who has no cause to be ashamed – [Amp]
. . . unashamed of your mission – [Voice]
. . . irreproachable – [YLT]
. . . with nothing to be ashamed of – [Phi]
. . . who is not ashamed of his work – [TEV]
Aim to be a good workman – [ILCE]
a laborer who is not ashamed – [JMNT]
and a man who has no cause to be ashamed of his life’s work – [Jerus]
Be a good workman, one who does not need to be ashamed when God examines your work – [TLB]
work you won't be ashamed of – [MSG]
as a servant who has no reason to feel any shame – [Wey]
Be a good worker . . . – [NLT]

rightly dividing the word of truth.

handling aright . . . – [ASV]
because of his straightforward dealing with . . . – [Wey]
who correctly explains . . . – [NLT]
one who correctly announceth . . . – [JMNT]
correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] . . . – [Amp]
a guide capable of leading others along the correct path defined by . . . – [Voice]
ever cutting a straight path for the message of the truth – [Mon]
driving a straight furrow, in your proclamation of the truth – [NEB]
handling the word of truth with precision – [ISV]
accurate in delivering the Message of the Truth – [TCNT]
declaring the word of truth without distortion – [Con]
who teaches only the true message – [CEV]
one who applies the true teaching in the right way – [ERV]
one who correctly teaches the message of God’s truth – [TEV]
who properly presents the message of truth – [Wms]
who knows how to use the word of truth to the best advantage – [Phi]
Know what the Bible says and means – [LL]
Try to handle the message of truth so well that you will never be ashamed – [ILCE]
has kept a straight course with the message of the truth – [Jerus]
laying out the truth plain and simple – [MSG]
expounding soundly the word of the truth – [WET]

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